Shellcode - Module Unloader

  • Posted on: 3 August 2014
  • By: siteadm

Have you ever dealt with malwares that inject their DLLs into other processes? Sometimes they inject their DLL into some critical processes like csrss.exe (like recent Soraya malware), you are in middle of a hundred breakpoint placed Ollydbg, several IDAs loaded and you are deep in analysis, you just can't restart computer and you can't let malware running in csrss.exe. So I decided to write a basic shellcode to unload any given DLL (module), so I can inject this shellcode into infected process to unload malware or any DLL.

Basic Smart Card Console Application

  • Posted on: 1 June 2014
  • By: siteadm

I had to run some tests on some smart cards I received recently in Debian. I did some research to find a very simple, very basic command line code, compilable and runnable in Debian, which will run HEX commands in smart card and show the results again in hex and .
So I wasn't able to find such a code and I decided to write my own. From now on, you can use it too:

Android Browser Dialog with Root Support

  • Posted on: 19 April 2014
  • By: siteadm

I was in the middle of coding some application for android and I needed a File/Folder browsing dialog. But I also needed access to /data and other sensitive folders. So I started searching internet, but I didn't find anything useful. Anyway, I decided to write my own. For initial code, I used sample project from here

I started expanding it, made some changes to it, added images for files and folders, added root access features, added known filetype icons, etc.